I dough


This summer I have been all about the homemade ice cream. Unfortunately I keep eating it too fast to plan out taking pictures for here. Last week I was able to slow down some and get some of the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream I made for my co-workers birthday. The vanilla base is my go to and throughout the summer I have just added in different chunks and flavors to make each one unique. One of my favorite so far was adding in cherries, chocolate chunks, and pistachios. My updated take on Cherry Garcia!

Chocolate chip cookie dough is a classic crowd pleaser flavor, just so long as your crowd doesn’t mind a little raw egg. Salmonella anyone? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you truly are frightened of the idea of raw eggs then you could adjust the recipe some to avoid them. However for me I buy really good quality (organic, free range) eggs and eat cookie dough all the time so I really wasn’t too worried. I do have to put in my two cents to encourage you to warn people before they eat it so that if they are pregnant, are immunocompromised, or for some other reason really shouldn’t eat raw eggs they know and can make the decision to indulge or not themselves. If you crack open your egg and it looks weird at all just throw it out and use another. If you are going to eat raw eggs and share with friends, better safe then being that person who gave all her friends food poisoning.

I was a tad lazy in making this and bought frozen premade dough from Vermont company Cookie Love. To make the dough chunks I pinched off very small bits and rolled them to make small enough balls. This was the most time intensive part, but cleaning my hands frequently helped so that the dough didn’t stick to my fingers too much. Once the dough was rolled I put it in the freezer so that it could refreeze in the ball form. Then I got moving on making my base.


For my go to base I add two eggs into my mixer and beat them until light yellow, I then add the sugar and vanilla extract. This too is beat so that the sugar can dissolve some into the egg, typically about 30sec. The milk and cream are added last and just slightly mixed so that they are incorporated but don’t start to turn into whipped cream. I turn on my ice cream maker and have the base spinning before adding my liquid mixture. Over the years I have found that doing this helps to prevent too much of the mixture freezing right onto the base. I allow this to mix for apx 20-25mins until it has a soft serve consistency, then add in my chunks and give it another 5 minutes. In the summer timing sometimes has to be less because the kitchen is too hot to even allow the ice cream to form a solid base and then vice versa in the winter. Ultimately for me it’s all about feeling it out that my base is where I want it to be. With chunks that are larger like these I do end up with some hand mixing at the end because it starts to become too solid to mix in the machine. However much of the chunk flavoring you want to add is up to you and your preference, I typically end up with around a cup and a half of chocolate and then added cookie dough until it looked satisfactory to me. The ice cream can then be eaten straight out of the container or put into an airtight container to be saved for later. I recommend eating the ice cream within a few days of making it because there aren’t any preservatives, however I doubt it will make it that long…




2 cold eggs

3/4 c granulated sugar

1 Tb vanilla extract

1 c whole milk

2 c heavy cream

Add eggs, beat until light yellow. Add sugar and vanilla, beat. Add milk and cream, mix to incorporate and add to ice cream base. Mix base in the ice cream maker for 20-25 minutes or until soft serve consistency, add chunks and mix for an additional 5 minutes.

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  1. Awesome!

    Gotta love cookie dough

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